At Myanmar Phar-Med expo 2018 - Myanmar's No.1 medical expo, exhibitors and visitors alike can look forward to a complete range of products, services and solutions for the medical and healthcare industries.

Product range:

Accident and Emergency Equipment
Disinfection and Disposal Systems
Electromedical Equipment
Hospital Furniture and Equipment
Medical Consumables
Ophthalmic Supplies
Rehabilitation Equipment / Orthopedic Supplies
Medicine: various kinds of Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Nutritious Food
Drug materials
Pharmaceutical Processing, Filling, Packaging Machinery
Dental Equipment and Supplies
Laboratory and Clinical Equipment
Building Technology and Services
Communication and Information Technology
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment
Medical Cosmetics, Treatment cosmetics
Dermatology, Aesthetic medicine
Aesthetic Medical Devices; Plastic Surgery, Medical plastic surgery appliances, equipment and materials
Services and Publications